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God Bless America #chooselove

Choose love is more than just a "hastag" for me, its a life style.

We all want to be happy, its a natural desire in us. The problem is- how we go about trying to find that "happiness"... We look for happiness in a grade, a diploma, a college, a spouse, children, in money, a car, a new home.. Maybe even a crown?

But true happiness can only be found when living a life of purpose.

With all the craziness in the world today, the #Chooselove movement needs to rise up.

You want to be happy, then its time to find a purpose.

What can you do to make this world a better place? Cause we need you, this world needs you.

Cause lets face it, this world is getting darker and darker, and honestly, its scary! We need to be the light in this darkness. Be the one person who goes above and beyond. Who stands up for what is right, when no one else will.

We need to STAND UP, and come together as one, one race. The human race! Not this whole racism thing, we cant be divided, we need to be united, now more than ever!

There are powers that be, coming against us, left and right. If we don't realize that and straighten up....I don't even want to say- what I think will happen.

Every month there is some kind of tragedy or terrorist attack, what!!? When I was younger it was...Maybe every 5-10 years?? Now, its every month something new! Think about it, San Bernardino, Paris, Orlando, Turkey, and now today, 80 died in Nice, France.

This is NOT the world I want my children to live in.

If I want it to change, I must BE the change. And the same goes for you, be the change! CHOOSE LOVE!!

And one more thang, yes, I said "thang" (Insert attitude.) You want change? Then, we need to bring prayer back into our schools, our marriages, our workplaces, our homes...America needs God now more than ever!


A message from the author: 


As a wife for over 12 years and a mother of 6, I have learned many lessons in life. I hope that through my life's lessons you are inspired, renewed and empowered to love others as well as yourself.  


“Having a servant’s heart and loving people is key to a happy life.”

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