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How To Keep The "Love" In A Loving Marriage

When Sean and I first got married everything was perfect.

I thought Sean was "perfect" in every way, he could "walk on water!" I couldn't find any fault in him, he was a dream come true.

However as time went on, we grew comfortable. We stopped trying to impress one another, babies kept popping up and before we knew it...Our marriage was permanently put on the back burner.

Thankfully, we overcame that obstacle. But it wasn't, isn't easy...Marriage is a daily choice.You must choose to walk in patience and kindness.

Patience is where love meets wisdom.

We must realize that love in its truest sense is NOT based on feelings. And you will never learn to love until you learn to not act out based on your feelings.

Instead choose to demonstrate kindness, thoughtful actions, even when there seems to be no reward.

Because there is no room for selfishness in a marriage.

Selfishness and love are in constant opposition to one another. Love asks us to deny ourselves for the sake of someone else. Selfishness compels us to focus on ourselves at someone's expense. Its like a disease that suffocates our capacity to love.

When you allow love to change your behavior- even in the smallest of ways- you restore an atmosphere of honor to your relationship.

Love pierces the atmosphere!

The more respectful and honorable your behavior, the more attractive and romantically appealing you become to your spouse.

It's never too late! Choose LOVE!

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A message from the author: 


As a wife for over 12 years and a mother of 6, I have learned many lessons in life. I hope that through my life's lessons you are inspired, renewed and empowered to love others as well as yourself.  


“Having a servant’s heart and loving people is key to a happy life.”

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