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How YOU can Help

What is the Safe Haven Law, or the Baby Moses Law?


State laws that provide safe places for parents to relinquish newborn infants. The purpose of these laws is to prevent these babies from being abandoned at places where they may come to harm.




I want to relinquish my baby, what are some Safe Haven approved locations?


Any police station, fire station or hospital, along with any Safe Haven baby box locations are considered safe havens.


To Sponsor a Safe Haven Baby Box:




If you are pregnant and have questions or need help call our 24-hour hotline 1-866-99BABY1 




How to sponsor a child through Impact Ministries International.

IMI uses 100% of the donations to provide food, clothing and other necessities for the orphans.






To give to a child through Love Without Boundaries:






How can I give?

To give to our orphanage in Honduras: 





How can I adopt a child? 

Love Without Boundaries is a wonderful organization who help find homes to children who are special needs, or children who may have had a birth deformaty and would otherwise spend their lives in an orphanage.

If you're unable to adopt but would like to help with this, you can form a campaign

and raise money to help children with surgeries, or adoption scholarships.






If you are looking into adopting in the US can help walk you through this for less that $0 in 9 months:







Help a family in need

 By buying  goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits, or a water well, clean water, medicine, clothes, shoes, mosquito nets, or other essentials, with as little as $20 you can help!





Help feed the orphans by buying coffee from Impact Ministries International.







How can I start a campaign?

To start a fundraiser campaign to help make a difference in the life of a child.






How to love your marriage -help and resources?


"Loving your marriage begins with you! You have to make a conscience decision to work on your marriage daily. You must choose to walk in patience and kindness. Patience is where love meets wisdom. We must realize that love in its truest sense is NOT based on feelings. And you will never learn to love until you learn to not act out based on your feelings. Instead choose to demonstrate kindness, thoughtful actions, even when there seems to be no reward. Because there is no room for selfishness in a marriage. Selfishness and love are in constant opposition to one another. Love asks us to deny ourselves for the sake of someone else. Selfishness compels us to focus on ourselves at someone's expense. Its like a disease that suffocates our capacity to love. When you allow love to change your behavior- even in the smallest of ways- you restore an atmosphere of honor to your relationship. Love pierces the atmosphere! The more respectful and honorable your behavior, the more attractive and romantically appealing you become to your spouse.It's never to late! Choose LOVE!" ~~Priscilla


Some great books to read: The Love Dare by Stephen and Alex Kendrick,

Love And Respect by Dr. Emmerson Eggerichs



How to love your family- help and resources?


"Disciple your children, teaching them in patience and kindness. Love thinks before speaking, it filters words through a grid of truth and kindness. DISCIPLINE IS LOVE! Never discipline out of anger, always discipline from a place of love. If you mess up, children are very forgiving. It's ok to say "I messed up, forgive me!" Children need to see us apologize! It's good for them to see you fall down and get back up. They are a reflection of you. It's never too late to change. Love is the most powerful force on the planet, it's language is universal, and it's power can pierce through the hardest of hearts. Love can change your relationships! IT'S NEVER TOO LATE." ~~Priscilla


Some good books to read: Love and Respect For Family by Dr. Emmerson Eggerichs and The Love Dare For Parents by Stephan and Alex Kedricks


How can I start making a difference in my community?


Start by getting involved and volunteering in places like your local hospital, community center, library, public school, halfway house, rehabilitation center, Alderman’s office, retirement home, youth organization, food bank, soup kitchen, clean-up programs, Boys and Girls Club, animal shelters, or at an after-school program. The best way to make a difference is to start serving in your community and to start loving others unconditionally.


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